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Let's go to MILONGA!

Milonga is Argentine Tango dance party.

There are milongas in almost every city in the United States and in the world!

As long as you know how to dance and how milonga works, 

you can connect with people anywhere and have a good time dancing!

You can find info about milongas in the bay area HERE

Here are some helpful tips to know about milongas!



At milongas, music is played in sets of 3-4 songs called tanda.
You normally dance with the same partner until the end of the tanda.
After each tanda, "cortina (curtain in Spanish)" a non-tango song is
played to indicate that the tanda finished and to prepare for the next tanda.


Cabeceo is a very efficient and useful way to find a partner.

If you want to dance, show your intention & keep your eyes open!

If you want to invite someone, look at them in the eye 

and make a quick but clear gesture. 

If they accept your invitation, keep eye contact and

go meet them and join the dance floor together.

If you want to accept a cabeceo, nod clearly, keep the eye contact and
wait till the person come to you or until it's clear that it was meant for you.

If Hagrid can do it, you can do it!


Please know that... 
You can say NO to invitation,
you can say "Thank you" and stop dancing anytime,
no explanation needed.


If you ever had any uncomfortable experience, 
please come talk to us or to the organizers of the milonga.


Ronda is the whole line of dance that moves counter clockwise. 

Stay in your lane and keep the ronda moving.

Safest place is the outside lane since the tables and chairs don't move.

(In the center everyone can will move 360° around you. Don't get in there!)

Hit the corner (don't shortcut), it's the best spot where two sides don't move.

Follow the couple in front of you! (Advance when they do, stop when they do)

Don't take any step against the line of dance or where you can't see.

Be predictable for the other couples.

If you enter on the crowded floor, catch the eye of the oncoming leader,

then merge swiftly into the flow.

If you are following, don't jump on to the floor,
let the leader create safe space for you to enter.


What should I wear?

You can dress up or come as you are.

Some milongas are more formal, some are more casual.

SFlovestango has a helpful guide for each milongas

I'm worried I'm a beginner

The others know you're new, don't worry everybody was a beginner once.

You don't need to apologize for anything, keep calm and enjoy the moment.

They gave me lesson on the floor!

I'm sorry, they shouldn't have done that. 

Some people feel entitled to teach less experienced dancers

but the ones who really know never do that in a milonga.

I'm worried I don't have enough moves

What followers enjoy the most is a nice embrace and musicality.

We even prefer partner with few steps and nice embrace than

partner with many steps and uncomfortable embrace done off the music.

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